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Bookings can only be made with N W Cras, (the transportation services provider) and not with a driver.

A fare will be given in advance with an accurate estimate or agreed fare at the time of booking.

We the transportation service will provide a driver for the journey, which is the subject of the booking, you will make a one-time payment in exchange.

When making a booking with N W Cars you are entering into Contractual obligation.

We will take responsibility for the provision of the journey and will abide by the 1998 ACT and its obligations and the 2000 Regulations and its obligations.

Only the transportation service provider can cancel a booking not the driver, in the event a driver does not accept a booking the transportation provide will locate the closest driver to carry out the booking.

In the event no car(s) are available to undertake the booking we the transportation provider may seek an alternative provider to undertake the booking on our behalf, however the contractual obligation will be with us the transportation provide/operator.

The Company passes to driver’s personal information of customers to assist in gaining information of collection of customers and the location of the destination required.

When a customer desires to travel to a particular place, the driver will, unless specifically otherwise instructed by the Company travel by the route which is, in his opinion, the best and most convenient for motoring, whether the route is shortest or not.


All cash bookings are paid directly to the driver, the driver will act as an agent on behalf of the operator.

The fare for Account/Card payment bookings are collected by the Transportation Provider.

Breach of contract, when a party fails to meet their obligations stipulated, a party may purse compensation.

However, we will do our upmost to resolve any issue that arises internally between the company and the passenger.

From time to time, for reasons beyond our control sometimes cars cannot arrive at the time a customer has booked, if your car is running late, please contact our office immediately on 0208 452 3344 and we will do our best to tell you why your car is late and advise you of approximate arrival time.


All luggage or personal possessions are carried entirely at your risk.


Drivers are instructed to take lost possessions left in their cars to our head office.

The Transportation provider, where relevant and within its means will attempt to contact the customer and inform them of their lost possessions.


If the car breaks down during your journey the Company will endeavour to arrange an alternative car to complete the journey as soon as practicable.


The customer shall compensate the Company against all losses, costs, damages, and expenses arising from any act or omission of any passenger in their party.


The Company shall be entitled to cancel all services in the event of a declared national emergency, riot, fuel shortage, industrial action, extreme weather or terrorist attack, or other circumstances beyond its control.



Please be aware terms & conditions may change at any given time, in line with TFL and Government Guidelines.


All telephone calls will be recorded and monitored for training and security purposes.



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